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MCS Credit Solutions

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! We hope that with our brilliant team of specialists and array of quality credit solutions, we are able to help you achieve better credit and more opportunities to live the life of your dreams. Partnering with us on this journey will help you land:

  • A wonderful home for you and your family
  • The car of your dreams
  • The business you’ve always wanted
  • The job you’ve been working so hard to achieve
  • Plenty of other big purchases

For tarnished credit reports that need fixing, better credit-building habits, and countless credit opportunities that help you better navigate life, don’t hesitate to call MCS Credit Solutions for an appointment at your most convenient time. Simply dial 844-383-8633 or send an email to

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30 Day Credit Repair Offers:

  • No Up Front Fees
  • Free Consultations
  • Fastest Credit Repair Results in the Industry
  • Results within 30 Days
  • Licensed & Bonded
  • We Do All The Work
  • Permanent Deletions

7 Benefits of Credit Repair

  • Buy Your Dream HomeWith easy and hassle-free loan approvals, you can finally buy the home you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family.
  • Pay Less In InterestA better credit standing means lower interest rates on credit. Call us to know how exactly we can make this happen for you.
  • Sick Of Being Denied For Credit?We help you achieve and maintain an exceptional credit score that grants you approval for any big purchases on credit.
  • Need A New VehicleGet approved for a car loan without the least bit of hassle! With us backing you up, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to purchase the ride of your dreams.
  • Save Money On All Your BillsWith lower interest rates on all your bills, you’d be able to pay a lot less and save so much more.
  • Get The Job Advancement!!You get higher chances of landing the job or position you’ve always wanted with a clean and untarnished credit report.
  • Get Approved For Credit CardsThere is absolutely no doubt that with our guidance, banks and other financial institutions would easily approve of your credit card requests.

What People Say

“Thank you! I woke this morning feeling better than I have in years because you have given me hope where there was none, God bless you!”

“Thank you so much for keeping us informed and updated on Johnny’s credit progress you don’t know how at ease ... I feel that we have made a right decision with joining your credit restoration program. I promise to join up as soon as Johnny and I can afford to squeeze a little more cash out of our budget. It may be sooner than you think since I graduate in less than a month and my job prospects are already in a row. I have several interviews this week and hopeful I will have a job soon and then we can afford to sign me up. I really appreciate your help.”Read more

“Yes I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of your work. After seeing what miracles your services can perform I will not only recommend you to others but as soon as we can get it ... fitted into the budget I will contact you to start working to fix mine. At that time we will then be able to keep both of ours tracked and monitored monthly from that point on. Thanks again for all your help and concern. I will be contacting you again to start mine hopefully real soon.Read more

Signed up about 90 days ago. I did my first check on my credit today it’s been roughly 100 days. It jumped 127 points no bull crap and that was the first go around. I am very pleased and would recommend to anyone.